The Board of Christian Education at First Baptist Church of West Allis is responsible for studying the educational needs of the church. Its job is to organize, administer and supervise the church's entire educational program. As such, there are a number of opportunities for learning about the Lordship of Jesus Christ for people of all ages.

Every Sunday throughout the school year, we have Sunday School for children of all ages in our educational wing. We have a preschool class, an elementary-age class, and a teen class.   

Every Sunday morning during the Worship Service, we offer child care. Parents can enjoy the service and know the children are learning something also. There is always at least one adult and one youth-age helper present to help entertain and work with the children.

Every Sunday morning we have at least one adult class.  Bible study with the pastor is usually offered, along with a range of other classes put on by other members of the church.

The reason the church exists is to tell the world that Jesus loves them. In order to do that, the CE Board strives to inform the congregation of peoples' needs and the opportunities that exist to fill those needs, both at home and overseas.

Every Christmas season the children have a great time putting on a Christmas play. Everyone takes part in this program, which is presented in front of the congregation on a Sunday morning before Christmas.

Every Sunday during our Worship Service we have a Children's Story that usually ties in with the Pastor's sermon. The children are called to the front of the church and someone gives them the sermon on their level. After they enjoy the story, they are allowed to either go back to their seats or go upstairs for the provided child care.

In Summer, usually in June, we have a Vacation Bible School. Using a different theme each year, for four days we have fun, eat and learn. Crafts, games and music are used to teach children about God's love for them.

The Children spend a portion of their Sunday School day with the church's Music Director learning interactive, age-appropriate Bible songs. They perform several times a year during the Sunday Worship Service using everything from hand gestures to percussion instruments.

The Sunday School classes are staffed by volunteers, both young and old. Most of them are parents themselves and understand how important it is to tell the children about Jesus' love. In addition, most of the teachers are long-time (some life- long!) members of First Baptist Church. Christian Education here is truly a family affair!

The young people of our church are active in many ways. From providing child care and lectors during the worship service, to just getting together to have fun, the Youth of First Baptist have many opportunities to serve.

On the third Sunday of every month, the older children's Sunday School class splits up into the AB Boys and AB Girls groups.

This is their chance to discuss the trials of growing up in today's society in a "Guys Only" and "Gals Only" setting.

The Board of Christian Education at First Baptist Church is composed of elected volunteers. As it currently stands, the Sunday School Superintendent, the Assistant Sunday School Superintendent and the Missions Education Chairperson, all church officers, serve on the CE Board along with six at-large members. The Pastor and Church Moderator also attend the meetings. The Board of Christian Education meets every second Monday of the month at 7:00 PM in Fellowship Hall and non-members of the Board are welcome to attend.